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Hello, my name is Orla Geary and I am a parent and child support specialist. I offer parents support around infant and child sleep issues, baby care education and infant massage classes. I am a registered General Nurse, Registered Midwife, Public Health Nurse, Infant Massage Instructor and Certified Gentle Sleep Consultant®. I have a keen interest in maternal and infant mental health and child development and hold a Masters in Perinatal Mental Health.

Most importantly, I am a Mammy to my little girl and understand the challenges that can arise as a parent. Frequent night wakenings, contact naps and comfort feeds throughout the night are all aspects of sleep I have personal experience with and are only some of the sleep concerns I can help you with.

I love working with children and families and am fascinated by child development. Drawing on my many years of experience, I am eager to provide parents with enough support and knowledge to promote positive growth and development for babies and children.

Sleep plays a crucial role in child development. Furthermore, good sleep practices promote positive health and well-being for the entire family. As a certified gentle sleep coach, I can help you with any sleep issues your child might have from 6 months up until 6 years of age. For babies from birth to 5 months, I can support you in shaping your baby’s sleep and create good sleep practices early on without the use of any harsh methods such as ‘cry it out’.

For new and expectant parents, baby care education can provide a great foundation for parents with little or no experience with babies. Here, we discuss infant feeding, nappy care, bathing, safe sleep, infant mental health and maternal mental health.

Infant massage classes are available on request. Infant massage can improve sleep, digestion and self-regulation for infants. Massage can begin from birth. It is also a lovely opportunity to strengthen communication and bonding between infant and parent and can promote positive maternal well-being. Infant massage can be an excellent addition to your baby's bedtime routine and can be adapted as your child gets older. Group classes are provided periodically. sleep consultant